Colour Play Bench

Collaboration with Studio Gil

The Colour Play Bench aims to bring further colour and romance to The City of London.

The bench is an opportunity for slowness, contemplation, interaction, and play. Located in the City of London, the proposal can be reconfigured in a number of different ways – depending on site, mood, climate, frequency of use, and inclination offering a multitude of opportunity for slowness, contemplation, interaction, and play.

The palette of materials consists of steel bars as a structural frame and translucent coloured acrylic sheets acting as ‘prisms’ that wash and curate the surrounding site with coloured light.

Colour Play can offer The City of London further opportunities for colour and romance, whether it be a space to view the spring sun, enjoy a lunch break salad, toast a cup of coffee, discuss the latest office gossip, or daydream about where you’d rather be.


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