Here is a summary of lots of different services which we offer. 

The list is not exhaustive, so please do get in touch to discuss your project specific requirements and find out how Poynts Works can help.

1. design & planning

Poynts Works usually creates three or four design options for each project we work on. The designs explore the project brief and propose creative solutions.

The objective is to show you options that create discussion and generate ideas. The process will allow you to rule out certain aspects, and may even lead to the discovery of some ideas you haven’t yet considered.

After you’ve had some time to consider design options, we then further refine a design, which may incorporate different aspects from more than one option.

If planning is required, then typically Poynts Works creates a set of planning drawings and an accompanying design statement, and submits the planning application.  We act as your agent throughout the application process.

Different design options can have different planning permission and budget implications, and Poynts Works advises on these factors throughout the process.

Some projects require Licence to Alter, or freeholder consent, and Poynts Works can also coordinate these applications.  If other consultants are required during this phase, we should be able to advise on this at an early point in the project.

2. technical design

Once necessary planning permissions have been obtained, Poynts Works will advise on the appointment of a project team.

The project team for technical design may include:

– Structural engineer
– Party Wall surveyor
– Approved Inspector (Building Regulations)

Poynts Works and the professional team create a technical package, comprised of drawings and a schedule and specification. This is used to obtain quotations from contractors, and for Building Regulations approval.

Coordination of structural design.

Poynts Works works in close collaboration with a structural engineer to coordinated the structural design into the technical drawings.

Kitchen and bathroom design.

Poynts Works creates 1:20 internal elevations, showing details of key areas.

Electrical layout and mechanical layouts.

These are drawings which show the layout of all electrical, plumbing, drainage and heating fittings.


Poynts Works can suggest a finishes scheme(s) and can also help to find suppliers for specific products.

Issue to builders for quotations.

The technical package of drawings and specification is issued to builders, and Poynts Works meets with the builders on site to discuss the project requirements and answer any questions.

3. construction phase

The process of tendering the project involves issuing the technical design package to multiple contractors, who then provide quotations, each with a breakdown of pricing for each item.

Poynts Works aids you to review and consider each contractor’s submission, and provides guidance on the identification of a suitable contractor. We then set up a contract between yourselves and the contractor, with Poynts Works in the role of Contract Administrator.

At this stage Poynts Works will also submit an application for Building Regulations Approval.

During the construction, Poynts Works’ Contract Administrator role includes:

– Visiting the site regularly to see that work is proceeding generally in accordance with the contract.

– Certify payments for work carried out or completed, on a monthly basis. All works are paid in arrears, and a retention is calculated and kept aside.

– Dealing with extensions of times and contractor’s claims.

– Certifying when works are complete.

– Making final inspections and advising on resolution of any defects.


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